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Locs Detox Build-Up Cleanser

Locs Detox Build-Up Cleanser

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Scent: Tea Tree Kiwi

Solution to remove buildup from hair, not lint.
wonderful product for problems like build-up in the hair, pigmentation, clogged Locs, Lemons, Rosemary, and contain citric acid.

Here are the five benefits: 1-remove dirty, 2-buildup soften locs, 3- the reduction of grease and dandruff build-up, 4- shinier locs and 5- a great alternative cleanser.

Because Hair Locs are formed by matted/Interlock hair, it is virtually impossible for a simple weekly shampoo to thoroughly remove all the gunk, build-up from conditioners, grease, moisturizers and all the other "good" stuff we put in our hair, so it is necessary to detox and deep clean.

This product may come in either come in three balls or a 1 pound bag of loose powder

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